The Otto Industry started from a company with over 22 years of experience in the graphic/logo industry. We are enthusiastic about offering distinct graphics and design that permits you to customize your life. We love technology, and we love personalizing stuff.

As a family owned and operated company, OttoWear Designs apparel started in 1987 with the objective to offer distinct, artistic souvenirs for active people.


In 2004, we opened OttoParts, a chain of resort stores, located in Park City, Utah. Our stores offer all of our items, together with a broad variety of clothing, presents, and devices.


Our souvenir sticker label line, OttoStickers, began in 2008 and includes our art in yet an additional means.


2009 – Our latest item, OttoSkins, are distinct “skins” and covers for your digital life, which are as easy to alter as your state of mind. Like all our products, OttoSkins offer initial art created by our skilled artists. We love technology, and we love personalizing stuff.  When we were looking around at what there was for our own use on our phones we couldn’t find anything we really liked.  We had recently bought a really awesome high quality sticker printer, so we found a US company to get us the patented 3m “Skin” material, and started making our own.  We started Ottoskins.com as a way for us to branch off in our design chances. We like innovation, and we enjoy customizing stuff.


Our focus is our designs, which are enjoyable, and special, making use of inspiration from motion pictures, music, places, pastimes, and whatever is “trending”. We are also proud that we make every little thing in our very own storage facility, found right in right here in the United States.


We know there are lots of phone cases and skins out there, but we desire everyone to find the ideal one that’s simply for them, (and sell it at an economical price so they can change it up when they like!).



947 West South Temple

Salt Lake City, UT 84104



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