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When Every Phone Looks the Same, What’s the Best Way to Make Your Phone Yours?

Nothing else says ‘MINE’ like a customized cell phone – whether it’s in the external appearance or the operation or the kinds of apps installed. The cell phone is one of the three most essential things you carry when you leave home, the other two being wallet and keys. We look at it every fifteen minutes during the day and keep it on our bedside each night. Without the cell phone, life would be an unimaginable array of constant blankness, for most people. Customizing the phone is almost like a rite of passage for most people. To turn a standard looking device, that is mass-produced, into an extension of you, it takes just a little bit of time, effort and creativity.

These days, smart phones come in different colored cases, and there are a variety of covers available for them in electronic stores. But that is not true for all cell phones. Some popular smart phones get more attention than others. And even then, the covers are mass-produced and hence lack a unique personality.

1.     Custom Case:

Apart from the readily available cell phone covers in the market, there are easy ways to create custom-made covers for your own phone. You can make cases using colorful or patterned duct-tape. Using a strong adhesive is important when creating your own case. And make sure you secure your phone in a transparent plastic before starting to apply tape or adhesive to it, otherwise it will destroy its body beyond repair. There are various websites that allow you to personalize cell phone covers by putting information about your preferences in design, color and written message. It is almost like choosing a tattoo for yourself.

Customizing the external appearance of the cell phone also translates into an excellent marketing strategy, if any small or large businesses want to tap into it.

2.     Interface:

Improving the interface of your phone requires some research and a lot of your own preference. The easiest way to do it is to take pictures that intrigue you and use them as wallpapers and contact information or background pictures in various apps. Another way is to involve quotes or messages that hold relevance to you, into the interface. Using written messages as screensavers can do this.

3.     Ringtones:

Continuing on the path of customizing the phone’s appearance, one way to ensure your phone gets noticed is by using a ringtone that matches your personality. People use ringtones ranging from their favorite music to an absurd message to your own or a loved one’s voice. Many people use personalized messages as ringtones that remind them of their partner or kids or parents, thus helping keep the bonds of love intact.

4.     Apps:

Apps are very widely used and are available for supporting almost all kinds of products, services and entertainment modules, these days. Apps like Animated Widget Contact help assimilate all actions from the contact list together on one screen. To keep track of missed calls, messages, appointments or e-mails, the Missed It app comes in handy. There apps available for appearance control, sound modification, security, phone tracking, photo editing, video editing, etc, thus inching into almost all domains of life and making things more personal.

Smart phones have given us a new way in which to express our creativity. This little tool has opened our world to more creativity, self-expression and even a way to turn a simple hobby into a viable profession.

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Awesome Advantages To Having A Custom Cell Phone Skin

iPhone SkinsIn this day and age a custom cell phone skin or cover for your mobile phone is practically a must have. If you do not already have one, then you are most likely very aware of the fact that you do not. Custom cell phone skins allow you to express your personality or mood. They are cool and stylish, and they are relatively inexpensive, so the possibility of mixing and matching exists. While a cell phone skin’s main purpose is the add flare and personality to your mobile device, as a side benefit, cell phone skins do add a small amount of additional protection for your phone as well.

Don’t Be The “Odd Man Out”

A great majority of people own the cell phone that they own, because of trends and sleek marketing and design. It also seems like everyone owns iPhones these days. It’s not cool enough to just have the latest version of the trendy phone these days. Your friends and coworkers will be taking their cell phones to the next level by accessorizing with custom cell phone skins. Don’t be the “odd man out” like you were, when you were the only one in your friend group without an iPhone. Get a custom cell phone skin.

Stylishly Protect Your Phone From The Elements

Laptop SkinsOur cell phones have become our lifelines to the world around us. They are always with us, so as we are exposed to the elements around us, so are our cell phones. It is important to protect your cell phone from breaking. Most cell phones are to rain and water as superman is to kryptonite. Water has been the bane of many a cell phone. Our phones are very susceptible to everyday dings, dents, knocks, and bumps, and the housing they come with is not made to withstand more than only minor contact. A custom cell phone skin can make your phone less vulnerable to possible everyday damages.

No Dent in Your Phone … No Dent in Your Wallet

Just because custom cell phone skins are fun, cool, and make your phone the envy of others does not mean it will cost you an arm and a leg to own one. Most cell phone skins are relatively inexpensive, which means you can afford to make your phone ultra-cool and not break the bank. Custom cell phone skins are normally available online as well as in malls and stores. Oftentimes, people only need to see an image of the cell phone skin they want, in order to make their purchase. Sometimes people want to be able to visit a kiosk or store in person, so they can “try on” a few different cell phone skins, before making their decision.

Don’t See What You Want? Make Your Own!

One of the best reasons for getting a custom cell phone skin is that (as the name indicates) you have the ability to make a completely custom skin, if you want. Submit your favorite photo of your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, children, pet, vacation spot, or whatever you want, and it will be made into a custom cell phone skin just for you. It will be a true one of a kind!